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Penetrate the Indonesian Market

Through more than 10 years of experience, we have become consultants, advisors and business partners for various companies. Many leaders and organizations have partnered with us. As a leading consulting agency in Indonesia. We provide market-entry and corporate services to companies all over the world.

Service & Business Establishment

A successful business expansion to Indonesia starts with a proper business set up. Leveraging rich experience and extensive network, we can assist you with company registration, business as well as import licenses, among others.

Bussiness Process Outsourcing

Our exhaustive business process outsourcing services ensure that everything is in compliance with the applicable regulations and laws. Hand over your business process to us for peace of mind.

Immigration Services

Avoid tiresome paperwork and visa application process in Indonesia. Indonesia is known for its hard-and-fast rules when it comes to welcoming foreigners. You need the correct visa type to stay or work legally in the country.

Compliance & Secretarial Servoces

Ensuring compliance is a significant challenge, particularly in Indonesia where regulatory change is common and sanctions for non-compliance can be severe.

Testimonial Our Client

Dear Katherine,

I herein submit my testimony against your services as below.

“With frequent changes in the employment laws in Indonesia and with much obstacles along with covid pandemic circumstances any sudden issues arises and/or delays in process of obtaining required visas are relatively common here in Indonesia however International Oceania has well corresponded with me and liaised with the Immigration Officials with timely manner to get the job done. I would highly recommend their services (not limited to visa related) to anybody that are wishing to visit Indonesia with various purposes.”

Junichi Tanigawa

A Japanese national who rendered a service for obtaining and its extensions of single entry business visa B211 in Indonesia

Oceania International has always been my go to company to seek legal and immigration advice. Especially Kat, who has always been SUPER HELPFUL in a very timely manner for all my legal and immigration matters. Decent price with a good quality of service and you won't get disappointed :).

Meliana Christin


Good service attitude, quick response and high integrity! 

Yu Ruichang

So far so good! Baik service dan pemberian harga ke Netsol worth it. Dan bagusnya segala urusan sama Ibu Katrin di bantuin sampe beres mau sesusah apapun itu. 

Weni Damaiyanti

Review of Service

Service quality needs to be maintained
For long term cooperation the price should be cooperative, but good service

Many thanks



6th January 2021

To whom it may concern,
I recently had the pleasure of dealing with Katherine at PT International Oceania, for the purpose of obtaining an Indonesian E-Visa (KITAS). During this extraordinary period of COVID, Katherine and her team acted in the most courteous, professional and diligent manner to successfully obtain my VISA. I have no hesitation in recommending Katherine and her team at PT International Oceania to any one for these services and as I will most certainly be using their services in the future. With sincere best wishes

Luna Maya Sugeng

PT Luna Mulia

To Whom it may concern,

I have found Oceania International last year from the internet while I was looking for a professional agent who could process spouse VISA with a true knowledge, my wife is Indonesian. Earlier, I knew the regulations about spouse VISA in brief and had been disappointed talking to several agents who do not understand what this VISA is and just tried to convince me with other options that they could do. When I found Oceania International website the detail in there reconfirmed my understanding completely. So I and my wife had contacted Katherine and she repeated those making sense process step by step again until we felt comfortable using the services.
Please note that different immigration offices might challenge you with different unexpected requirements. In my case, the immigration do not serve this kind of service as often as other ones in business area so they are so strict in every single process and required Katherine and her team to resolve many issues. Problem solving skill was required a lot in my case.
I would suggest anyone I know to use the service and certainly for myself again once the current one is expired.

Nantasak S

International Oceania sangat responsif sekali untuk penanganan masalah pengurusan ijin kerja, sangat solutif dan mampu menangani dengan tepat waktu👍🏻


Pt power systems indonesia

Sejauh ini kami sangat terkesan dengan profesionalitas Bu Katherine dan tim PT International Oceania, penyelesaian dokumen tepat waktu, sesuai yang dijanjikan dan sangat responsif bila ada pertanyaan dan keperluan lainnya dari pihak kami

Denny Makatita

Golds Gym

Our Client